Bhagwan Heater Corporation Profile and History

BHAGWAN HEATER CORPORATION was founded in the year l958 by Mr.Pessumal Tolaram, an electrician, engineer & inventor. The company was originally called Bhagwan Heater Manufacturing, as all parts & components were manufactured under one roof at the factory presently located at 75 Sto. Domingo St., Quezon City.

Mr.Tolaram invented a “Manual Type” Instant Water Heater so durable & Easy to use in the same year, & it was called “Bhagwan” & was patented. It was an instant hit & sold like hotcakes through the country with end users as this kind of product was never available in the entire Philippines.

The Model was so simple, it consisted of a Metal Casing containing a Stainless Steel heating Element & was connected to a 4 way switch (Off/Low/Medium/High Settings) to regulate heat, & installed at the overhead shower in the bathroom. It was designed to give the user a refreshing, instant Hot shower without waiting, & leaving both hands free.

The year 1980 brought New Technology & this “Manual Type” product became “Automatic” with the introduction of a Pressure Switch to activate/deactivate power by switching it on or off with the turn of the shower valve & was called “AutoBhagwan”.

Further on, Newer Technology came by the year l995 wherein Electronic Components were used & the element was changed to colrod type in these heaters & was named “ElectoBhagwan”. This new model was so adopted with changing times, it could be used with Any water type, Any water pipe (PVC/G.I./others) & so simple, it could be installed anywhere & by anyone.

As for the present, we have & maintain a very wide range of water heaters, we still repair/refurbish & provide service for any & all water heaters we produced since the 60’s,
with our wide range of spare parts & also offer home service & repair while you wait at our service center.

Three years ago, we introduced a new line of modern day water heaters with great
designs, elegant looking & so durable that it fits in with modern bathrooms of today. These are called “BeeBest” by Bhagwan. Its a collection of 5 models of single point heaters, & 2 models of Multipoint heaters which are decorative & heavy duty. We also have made available Storage Type Tank Water Heaters with sizes of 10 gallon to 120 gallon capacity.

Our Aim is to provide any & all clients with the Best quality water heaters for their comfort & convenience at very affordable prices with reliability & provide service & parts that no other company can give.