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Bennington Z620M

Only P7,500


For Multipoint Use Only
Under Sink Installation
Vertical Type

Power Selector – This heater has various power selections from “Low” to “High”. You will always enjoy a comfortable shower by selecting your desired power setting at anytime of the year.

Quality – Each heater is individually tested at our laboratory to meet stringent international safety standards.

Splash Proof (IP25)
This heater is totally encased in watertight tough white and gray ABS polymer, complying with the latest Splash Proof IP25 safety standard.

Anti-Scald Device
If there is a sudden rise in temperature (above 55C) for any reason, this electric shower heater has a built-in “Anti-Scald” device to prevent scalding by cutting off the power supply.

Pressure Relieve Device
This added device protects the heater and its components against tank rupturing in case of abnormal high pressure built-up within the tank.

Accessories and Optional Items
Wide range of accessories such as standard white or chrome multi-function shower set with adjustable sliding bar or wall mounted hand shower holder. Optional items include built-in or external ELD, digital temperature display, stop-cock and inlet flexible.


Electrical Loading: 6.5 kW

Voltage: 220V/ 230V/ 240V

Frequency: 50- 60 Hz

Inlet water connection: Threaded ½ BSP

Outlet water connection: Threaded ½ BSP

Product Dimension:

Height: 320mm

Width: 220mm

Depth: 130mm

Weight: 1.62 – 1.7kgs

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