Doulton HBA Mk II

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Doulton HBA Mk II

Only P3,800


Protect yourself and your family from the dangers of water-borne diseases.
Doulton Instant (Bacteria Removal) Water Filters are designed to remove
Coliform and offers protection against water borne diseases like Cholera,
Dysentry, Typhoid, Gastroenteritis, Amoeba & many other germs without
having to go thru the messy and troublesome task of having to Boil or sterilize
your drinking water.

Fitted inside the body of the filter is a hollow ceramic element. The water to be
filtered passes through the porous wall of this element where harmful organisms
and micro-suspended particles are trapped. Clean water is then delivered
through the nozzle at the top.


Food Grade Quality Plastic Housing
Wall Mounting on Kitchen Top Sink
Uses Cleanable Porous Ceramic Filter Element
Filters out Rust, Cholera, Amoeba, Typhoid Germs
& other water borne diseases.
Cleaning with running water required every month.
Good for Homes, Restaurants, Hospitals, etc. etc.
No Electricity Needed
Made in England

Minimal charges for water filter installation will be applied.

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